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437th Criminal District Court Bench


Joel Perez

Joel Perez has worked in the criminal justice system for over 34 years as a prosecutor and defense lawyer.  Joel is recognized as a seasoned trial lawyer and one of few successful capital murder defense lawyers having tried to a jury approximately 15 death penalty cases..  He unquestionably has the background, experience, and temperament to now serve as a Judge on the 437th Criminal District Court Bench. 

With his experience as a criminal defense trial lawyer, Joel Perez will bring to the 437th Criminal District Court Bench a deep understanding of the fair and equitable application of the law.  Joel Perez’ background and early formation brings compassion and appreciation for those who are accused of a crime and for those who must uphold the rule of law.  

As Judge of the 437th Criminal Court Bench, the citizens of Bexar County will receive a just and fair administration of the law, and the criminal court system of Bexar County will benefit from a dedicated and hardworking public servant. 

Judge Perez

I humbly ask for your support for my election to the 437th Criminal District Court of Bexar County. 


I Appreciate Your Support

Thank you for visiting my webpage.  I am Joel Perez and I ask for your support for election to the 437th Criminal Court Bench of Bexar County, Texas. 

I have over 34 years of experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney in Bexar County.  I have represented many individuals who have been charged with violating our criminal laws. 

The fair and equitable administration of justice is a matter for which I am very passionate.  It is important for a judge to be impartial and even tempered when listening to prosecutors and defense attorneys in a criminal prosecution case. 

My many years of experience has given me the understanding and compassion to administer justice in a manner that is fair to all sides.

Equity is also of paramount importance to me.  I believe all individuals, regardless of economic or social status, stand before the law equally.


What I Will Bring to the courtroom


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